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We and the Community

We and the Community

UAB “Šilutės baldai” is the biggest employer in Pamarys Region and one of the biggest companies in the Region.

The Company is not only an active contributor to implementation of the Community’s initiatives, but it creates new traditions itself.

In 2015–2016 UAB “Šilutės baldai” implemented Project “Šilutė Wall” in cooperation with Šilutė Municipality and Šilutė Town Art School.

The longest town chronicle in Lithuania was developed together with the Community. The 500-metre long fence surrounding the oldest industrial object in the Town, i.e. Furniture Company “Šilutės baldai”, has become a piece of art reflecting all major historical events and people over a period of more than 500 years: from the first mention of Šilas inn in the Privilege issued by Klaipėda Commander of the German Order to the big flood in Šilutė and a brief period when the Town was ruled by the French.

In 2017 AB “Šilutės baldai” 2017 organized a commemoration event for the 16th of February [Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence] “Fairy-Tale-Like Lithuania in the Hands of the Little Ones” together with Šilutė Art School. The staff of the Company made natural wood bricks and gave them away as presents to 5 kindergartens operating in the Town. During events teachers and students of Šilutė Art School taught the little ones to paint on the bricks and to decorate them with castles, which have become symbols of the Lithuanian statehood, told their history.

This initiative of “Šilutės baldai” was evaluated with an award given by the President of the Republic of Lithuania during the Campaign “Celebrate the 16th of February Cheerfully and Resourcefully”.

The staff of “Šilutės baldai” continuously takes an active part in the town festivals and community events, such as Campaign “Darom”.

The Company has been a long-time sponsor of Basketball Club “Šilutė”.