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Our history

1890       “Šilutės baldai”, which was originally founded by the German industrialists, is one of the oldest furniture companies in Lithuania.


1945       Restoration of the Company started after the World War II starting with the sawmill.


1958       The first furniture production workshop was built and production of the first simple kitchen furniture, such as cupboards and stools, was launched.


1970       The first kitchen furniture unit was manufactured.


1982       “Šilutės baldai” started exporting its products.


1986       The second production workshop as well as a four-floor building (it had become the tallest building in Šilutė Town), as an office building, were built.


1992       Public Limited Company “Šilutės baldai” was registered on 25 September.


1998       The Company introduced a quality management system and obtained the International Certificate for Quality Management ISO 9001.


2001       Environmental Management Standard 14001 was introduced. The first ultraviolet transparent finishing line was equipped.


2002–2003           The existing range of products was updated, investments in renovation and acquisition of new equipment amounted to approximately 12 million Litas.


2003       Management of export of the products of AB “Šilutės baldai” was taken over by UAB “SBA baldų kompanija”. Approximately 60 percent of the exported furniture used to be supplied to the main client, i.e. the Swedish IKEA.


2007       The exported portion of the products manufactured by “Šilutės baldai” increased up to 96 percent.


2010       AB “Šilutės baldai” celebrated the 120th anniversary of the Company’s activities. The furniture manufactured by “Šilutės baldai” was presented during International Furniture Exhibition “MOW Barntrup” held in Germany for the first time.


2014       The solid wood workshop was renovated for 4.3 million Euros, including new facilities enabling not only to increase work efficiency, but also to consume less timber within the course of production.


2016       When celebrating its 125th anniversary, the Company initiated Community Project “Šilutė Wall”: the most significant historical events in Šilutė Region were commemorated by posting them on the fence surrounding the Factory. “Šilutė Wall” was selected as one of the best communication projects in Europe and the most significant cultural initiative of the Region.