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2017 November 10

Unique technology has replaced manual labour

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An automatic board sorting line installed at AB “Šilutės baldai” in 2017 has double work efficiency and allowed refusing intense physical labour.

Such equipment is unique in Lithuania and the facilities have been developed by the specialist team of “Šilutės baldai”, who defined the technical and technological requirements to be applicable it to within the course of cooperation with the manufacturer thereof.

“We are happy for having partners here, in Lithuania, who found solutions how to implement such requirements and manufactured a unique board sorting equipment”, Asta Dijokienė, the Director of AB “Šilutės baldai”, said.

Before this, boards needed for production used to be sorted manually at the Factory: employees had to reload the boards, additionally measure the width of each of them by hand and evaluate their quality. Today all this work is done by an automated line, which is twice as efficient in comparison to human labour.

The new equipment enabled complete elimination of physical human labour and manual accounting – now one of the functions of the automated line include independent accounting of the parameters and the quality of raw materials.