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2017 November 10

“Šilutės baldai” received an award for the best idea of the year

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“”, the company focusing on introduction of effective business process management experience in Lithuania and the Baltic States, gave an award to the staff of AB “Šilutės baldai” for “Kaizen of the Year”, i.e. the best idea for improvement of production processes, during the Baltic LEAN Forum.

This high appreciation was shown for the idea suggested by machine operators at Workshop 1 of the Factory: simple modification of the existing equipment allowing to spare one person’s work and to use it for other purposes. The Award “Kaizen of the Year” was given to the staff of AB “Šilutės baldai” by Bob Plummer, Consultant at “Honsha”, who has 15-year-long experience of working as the President of “Nummi”, one of the vehicle manufacturers.

“Our Company has been successfully introducing a management system and tools based on the principles of the LEAN system”, Asta Dijokienė, the Director of AB “Šilutės baldai”, told. “More than 400 of the so called Kaizen ideas, modifications designed to improve operations suggested by employees of the Company themselves have been implemented at the Factory within a period of slightly a little over a year.”

Today over 30 percent of the employees of “Šilutės baldai” have already become involved in increasing efficiency of the Factory by suggesting their specific ideas.

“Employees of production divisions are the most active authors of ideas. They are fully familiar with their workplace, they know every detail, so not only they are the first ones to notice any potential for improvement but they are also the first ones to sense the benefits of it. We appreciate every idea without emphasising the best ones or the most interesting ones, etc. This increases people’s involvement, stimulates search for sophisticated ideas and solutions as well as implementation thereof, continuously encourages to keep growing and improving”, A. Dijokienė said.